Bizpro Ltd. is a financial consulting company founded in 2003 with extensive experience in providing services to private businesses and public sector organizations.

We offer the following services to private businesses:

  • funding attraction from EU funds, banks and investors;
  • preparation of business plans and EU funding applications;
  • financial forecasting and modelling;
  • audit and assurance;
  • due diligence and company valuation;
  • management accounting.

The owner of the company Normunds Čiževskis is a certified mediator and offers business mediation services.

We offer the following services to public sector organizations:

  • cost benefit analysis of infrastructure development projects;
  • preparation of EU funding applications;
  • value-for-money assessment of PPP projects;
  • financial forecasting and modelling;
  • evaluation of EU funded projects and programmes;
  • economic impact assessment of spatial development;
  • training in cost benefit analysis.

Bizpro Ltd. is a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.